A drunken Michael Jackson impersonator has accidentally hit an American tourist in the face with his vomit covered slip on shoe on Princes Street.

Witnesses described festival favourite Mícheál MacJackson as being incredibly drunk and barely able to stand, but was still managing to sing perfectly. At one point after one of his trademark body twirls he vomited all over himself and his shoes.

He mumbled ‘The show must goes on’ to bemused onlookers before attempting to do a moon walk on his strip of oiled up kitchen linoleum on Princes Street. He rounded off the move with one of MJ’s popular leg flicks but he slipped and his vomit covered shoe flew off and struck an American tourist in the face.


Hank Chinaski from LA, California, in Edinburgh for a few days as part of some cruise he’s on, was left shaken by the incident, but was quick to see the funny side.

“How many people in the world can say they’ve been kicked in the face by Michael Jackson’s vomit covered shoe” he laughed from behind a cloud of cigar smoke.

Hank even posed for photos with MacJackson after the incident and tipped him £50 before joining in on a rendition of Leave Me Alone. However, half way through the song MacJackson began screaming ”Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” over and over at Hank and the growing audience before running off crying in the direction of St James’ Quarter.