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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Adragh McQueen


Exclusive: Love Island 2022 to be filmed in Cramond north-west of Edinburgh

According to an email leaked to Only In Edinbrugh HQ Love Island 2022 will be filmed in Cramond, Midlothian! It's believed that due to Covid-19...

Boner contention as study finds 8 out of 10 Edinburgh traffic wardens can’t get it up

Edinburgh traffic wardens are up in all the wrong places at revelations in a recently released report that suggest 80% of them just can't...

Can anything cause current fuel panic to escalate? Well if any thing can the jerry can can

AS UK drivers turn feral as they scavenge the country for any remaining fuel canny Edinburgh residents have been taking extra precautions to avoid...

Edinburgh residents feared for their lives as two really loud helicopters circled the city

Edinburgh residents were left shocked, stunned and in fear for their very lives as two military helicopters circled the capital like two low flying...

Shoppers squeal like pigs accusing Aldi of being mistaken over makin fake bacon

Aldi has recently announced a new meat-free bacon on The Facebook immediately sparking panic, outrage and disbelief amongst their loyal customers, with some calling...

Edinburgh gaming fanatic diagnosed with tiredness after spending hours playing games

A 22-year-old gaming fanatic has been diagnosed with tiredness, something that usually affects people at least in their thirties, after spending too many hours...

Man in a hurry for a McFlurry nearly gets his nuts crushed by Edinburgh tram

An Edinburgh man was lucky not to have been crushed to death today as he crossed the road at the junction of Princes Street...

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