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Exclusive: Love Island 2022 to be filmed in Cramond north-west of Edinburgh

According to an email leaked to Only In Edinbrugh HQ Love Island 2022 will be filmed in Cramond, Midlothian! It’s believed that due to Covid-19 producers have been scouting the shores of the UK to find a suitable location closer… Continue Reading →

Boner contention as study finds 8 out of 10 Edinburgh traffic wardens can’t get it up

Edinburgh traffic wardens are up in all the wrong places at revelations in a recently released report that suggest 80% of them just can’t get it up in all the right places. The report was the result of months of… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh residents feared for their lives as two really loud helicopters circled the city

Edinburgh residents were left shocked, stunned and in fear for their very lives as two military helicopters circled the capital like two low flying hungry vultures eyeing their prey. The two low-flying choppers, believed to be property of either the… Continue Reading →

Man in a hurry for a McFlurry nearly gets his nuts crushed by Edinburgh tram

An Edinburgh man was lucky not to have been crushed to death today as he crossed the road at the junction of Princes Street and St Andrew St. The tram, packed with exhausted tourists coming from the airport, was speeding… Continue Reading →

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