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Edinburgh council to sub contract out road team

After much discussion over coffee and muffins, paid for by the public purse, at last night’s council meeting in Starbucks on George Street it was agreed that the council would start to sub-contract out it’s road team from the start… Continue Reading →

Busker hits tourist in face with vomit covered shoe

A drunken Michael Jackson impersonator has accidentally hit an American tourist in the face with his vomit covered slip on shoe on Princes Street. Witnesses described festival favourite Mícheál MacJackson as being incredibly drunk and barely able to stand, but… Continue Reading →

City’s cardboard cops threaten strike action

Cardboard cops across Edinburgh & Midlothian have unanimously agreed to take strike action in protest at £0 pay rise and zero days additional holidays. “It’s feckin infuriating!” raged Cardboard Police Constable (CPC) Thomas Brown, who stands in Boot’s next to… Continue Reading →

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